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Loud Nonsense

Helloo I'm an Arab and I dig punk, outer space, andd anything..
Jul 24 '14
Jul 24 '14

helvettt replied to your post “3, 13 and 47.”

I have that book too! I mean, I haven’t read it, but now I will. I also had The wanderer, but gave it to a friend who was traveling to Argentina.

Yeah, it’s pretty interesting. It’s a bit cryptic for my taste, but maybe I just don’t interpret stuff too well. I have read this weird little book of fables by him that I liked better. But yeah, you should give it a read, it’s a classic!

Jul 24 '14

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Jul 23 '14


Palestinian children return to school (24 November 2012) for the first time since Israel’s latest attack on Gaza but not all students made it back. Sarah Al-Dalou had to be excused from class as she — along with 9 other members of her family and 2 neighbors [graphic] — were killed by an Israeli airstrike when F-16 fighter jets reduced their house in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in Gaza to rubble.

A sign now occupies her seat instead, calling her a ‘martyr’. She was one of 34 children killed by the Israeli Army during their week-long assault on the blockaded coastal enclave, with 161 Palestinians dead in total.

(Photo source: @mohammednazmi)

Bottom photo: Palestinian children return to school in January 2009 after Israel’s massacre in Gaza, named ‘Operation Cast Lead’, when over 300 children were killed by the Israeli Army, and 1,400 Palestinians in all.

Signs replaced the once-occupied seats at al-Fakhura School in the Jabaliya refugee camp in Gaza; names of victims written under the word in red: ‘Martyr’, 24 January, 2009.

(Photo credit: Anja Niedringhaus / AP)

Jul 22 '14


i grab my friend and yell OH MY GOD HAVE YOU SEEN THIS VINE, my friend turns around; i am holding an excellent specimen of vitis coignetiae, we are botanists

Jul 22 '14

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Jul 21 '14

It’s weird how there’s this handful of bands where I literally listen to only one song by them. Not even a hit, it’s just a random song I stumbled upon and stuck to. Like ‘balaclava’ by arctic monkeys (i initially misread the title as baclava), or ‘the saga’ by the libertines. I’d try getting into other songs by those bands but I wasn’t feeling any of em.

Jul 21 '14


The last three Disney films that starred POC were the Emperor’s New Groove in 2000, Brother Bear in 2003 and Princess and the Frog in 2009.

What did they have in common?





Jul 21 '14

helvettt asked:

3, 13 and 47.

Thanks man!

3. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 23, give me line 17.

Ok umm this is from a poetry book called The Prophet by Khalil Gibran,

"For the law that delivered you into my hand shall deliver me into a mightier hand."

13. What’s your religion?

I’m a muslim.

47. Do you have any obsessions right now?

Drawing super expressive facial expressions, pumpkin baked goods, origami, and bands w/ mostly women in it.

Jul 21 '14

gatsbysaurus asked:

2 (living or dead), 72, and 81 :)

Thanks, Staci :))

2. If you could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be?

It would’ve been really cool to meet Mia Zapata from The Gits, I just love how she was so full of love and energy and how she felt so proud to be herself. 

72. You are at the doctor’s office and she has just informed you that you have approximately one month to live. a) Do you tell anyone/everyone you are going to die? b) What do you do with your remaining days? c) Would you be afraid?

a) Nope

b) I’d spend time with friends and family for the first half of the month and then I’d leave letters for them before driving off on my own somewhere to live off the second half of the month. 

c) Of course, but I’d have to accept the facts either way.

81. What would you want to be written on your tombstone?


"1994-2042  Here lies Roxanne, a poor soul who accurately predicted her own demise"

Yeah idk, I have no idea what I’d actually have on my tombstone.